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President's Message

A message from our Club President

On behalf of the Committee of Hawkesbury City Athletics Centre, I would like to welcome you to our
50th anniversary season. 2022/2023. We are so excited this season as there are so many wonderful
events and celebrations a head for Hawkesbury city. We look forward to seeing many familiar faces
and would like to extend a special warm welcome to all the new families joining us for the season
It is a pleasure to be involved in HCAC, where friendships are formed and the ‘family, fun and fitness’
message is represented through everything that we do at Hawkesbury. We are proud to provide a
quality program of athletics events for all ages and capabilities with a dedicated focus on fun, fitness,
and fundamental skills development of athletics in a safe, family-friendly and inclusive environment.​
Our programs provide an array of athletic events including sprinting, middle- and long-distance
running, hurdling, race walking, jumping (long, triple and high), throwing (discus, shot put and
javelin) and cross country running. We also offer a wide range of training opportunities from
beginners to the more experienced athlete. Our highly training coaches have many years’ experiences
in supporting athletes achieve their personal best. While athletics is by its very nature competitive, our
goal for all our athletes is to achieve PBs (Personal Bests) by improving their own times, distances
and heights, but above all, to make long lasting friendships and to have fun.​
Our Tuesday night competitions are the backbone of our club and those anywhere near our grounds
on a Tuesday night will hear the laughter and loud cheers of our parents, grandparents and athletes as
they encourage and spur each other on to achieve their own personal bests.​
Our athletes are extremely fortunate to have very supportive and involved parents and families, which
we believe is key at our club. Our field have been specifically designed to support the involvement
and participation of parents within athletics. We encourage you to be with your children and assist in
the running of our club and events. Whether it be helping with the set up or pack up, helping on the
track or at the field events, helping in the canteen, assisting the age managers or helping with crowd
control it is all important. Most importantly to cheer them on.! We can teach you anything you need
to know! The support of everyone at our club ensures we function successfully and fosters our
positive club spirit.

At Hawkesbury City, we will continue to grow from strength to strength and I look forward to getting
our season underway.

This season as I mention earlier is our 50th season, we are so excited to be holding our in inaugural 50th
year anniversary Gala day on 30th October. We would love as many of you to come along and support
this special day with our club, family and friends.​ This year also see the return of many gala days and
the very popular State Relay Championships.
To keep up with all the news and events from HCAC, please visit our website. I encourage you to
regularly check our calendar for events and training sections. Also remember to like our Facebook
pages (centre page and training page) and follow us on Instagram.​
I wish for you a season full of fun, friendship, improvement and achievement. Set goals and work
towards achieving them but always do it with a smile and in the true spirit of Little Athletics.

Peter Luthy
President 2022/2023

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