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Officials Duties

A variety of officials are required to efficiently conduct an athletic meet or carnival at the higher level carnivals. At centre level there will not always be sufficient helpers at each event to fulfil each position and it may be necessary for one person to fulfil the roles of more than one position

Details of:-

  • the number of officials required for each event,

  • equipment they require, and

  • the basic duties of the official or group of officials,

are contained in the Officials Role Specification document. To view this information click HERE.


The Australian Athletics Officials' Education Scheme (AAOES)  is a joint initiative of Athletics Australia and Coles Little Athletics Australia., providing a seamless and transparent education pathway for Australian Athletics Officials.

The scheme is endorsed by the Australian Sports Commission and follows best industry practice, with online learning coupled with face-to-face delivery.  The aim of the AAOES  is to ensure that an effective and efficient education framework is provided to guarantee Australian Athletics Officials remain world leaders in event delivery at all levels of athletic competition.

Click HERE to be taken to the Officials Education page of the Athletics Australia website, where you will find more information.



Do you want to know more about:-

  • The Rules of competition

  • The roles of officials

  • Equipment used

Little Athletics NSW has basic courses available which are suitable for parents who help at centre level.  The Level 1 courses are done online.  There is no requirement for a practical assessment.


These courses are the base level of the Australian Athletic Officials Education Scheme (AAOES), which is a joint initiative of Athletics Australia and Little Athletics Australia. The AAOES has 3 levels and provides a pathway for officials who wish to progress from centre level to national level.  These qualifications are recognised by Little Athletics Australia, Athletics Australia, School Sport Australia and the Australian Sport Commission. 


AAOES Level 1

Level 1 is the entry level and is suitable for persons who wish to help at their local centre.

Candidates must complete online learning and pass a multiple-choice quiz. The learning and quiz will focus on ensuring the candidate has a basic understanding of the rules of the discipline they are attempting.


AAOES Level 1 is made up of 12 separate courses: -

  • Track

  • Starting

  • Long Jump 

  • High Jump

  • Triple Jump

  • Javelin

  • Discus

  • Shot Put

  • Walks

  • Out of Stadia

There are courses for Hammer Throw and Pole Vault however these two events are not conducted at Little Athletics.


Within each course, there are four (4) modules, each with their own content and quiz attached: - 

  • Rules

  • Officials & Communication

  • Equipment

  • Risk Management

Candidates can attempt as many of the courses as they like. Once they have completed all four modules and the competency quiz, they have finished the course and will be able to download the Certificate of Completion.


Each course should take around 45-90 minutes depending on your prior knowledge of the event and/or athletics. All questions in the quiz are multiple choice. Please note if you get a quiz question wrong you will be provided with a hint for the correct answer.  You do not have to complete the course at the one sitting, you can logout and then log back in later picking up where you left off.



First you must enrol in the system. This only needs to be done once. Candidates who have already completed the Introduction to Officiating (or any other Australian Sports Commission Course) can use that login information to access the AAOES courses.


You will be asked to submit your contact information and some details about yourself. You will be then sent an email to your nominated email account. Open that email and click on the link to start learning.


Please follow the following link to access the courses


Note: When you access the courses page you do not have to do the Level 0 course, you can go straight to Level 1.

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